Rebecca Granger is a former drug addict/dealer and alcoholic, and a former resident at Springtime Meadows. She has a complicated past with her parents and almost everyone in her life.

Rebecca is a recurring character on Recovery Road is portrayed by Lindsay Pearce. She first appeared in "Blackout".

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After being caught selling drugs in the girl's bathroom, Rebecca was forced into numerous rehabs to get help. She smuggled drugs into each rehab and was kicked out of four rehabs before she found Springtime Meadows. She was able to get sober and release some of the anger she held against those in her life.

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Rebecca is a young woman between the age of eighteen or twenty. She has medium-length straight black hair and bright blue eyes with a creamy complexion.

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Rebecca has a complicated relationship with her family because as soon as her addiction came to light they turned on her. She has stated that her family has never come to visit her at Springtime Meadows and that her father was the one that got her hooked on drugs.

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  • Doug (ex-boyfriend/dealer)

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