Cynthia McDermott is Maddie’s guidance counselor. She is strong, moral and incredibly put-together. When she sends Maddie to Springtime Meadows, it’s in no small part because she got sober there herself.


A party girl in her youth, Cynthia hasn’t used in twelve years and sees a lot of her younger self in Maddie. As a result, she’s very invested -- sometimes overly so -- in Maddie’s progress. Cynthia’s engaged to the headmaster of Maddie’s high school and is in full-on wedding planning mode; all appears to be well in her life. But when she becomes Maddie’s sponsor against Charlotte’s wishes, and tells Maddie they need to keep it a secret from Charlotte, it’s so surprisingly out of character that it begs the question: Is this the ONLY lie Cynthia is going to tell?